Dec 8, 2016

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Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

The moment I hear the word germs, I have the urge to wash my hands. I have two children. I cringe at the word, germs. I have personal issues with that make me go attack the problem with hammer and tongs. It is a very normal reaction, especially for a mother.

Importance of air quality

It seems like a very lame question. Of course, it is important. Why is there even a doubt now? For all practical purposes, a clean environment in the house is one of the key solutions to all health problems. Regular dusting and vacuuming along with throwing out the old things is a good way to keep the dust and the grime out. Clean air is essential to keep the lungs free of all the germs.


Germs in the air

Seeing is believing, yes. There are exceptions. God and germs. Unless you are in a vacuum, it is very unlikely that there are no germs in the surrounding. Germs are just as omnipresent. These germs are the reason for many kinds of illness and diseases. These germs affect the quality of the indoor air in ways you can never imagine.

How do germs affect the quality of the indoor air?

Germs have a big impact on the air quality. More the germs, more the chances of you falling sick. Many communicable diseases are spread through the air. The quality of the air decreases in a big way. Unless you are able to control the air that goes in and out of the house, the airborne germs will get to you. You are not likely to be safe in an environment that has been compromised with unfriendly bacteria and virus out to get you.

Top contaminants

Some of the contaminants in the air that can cause serious damage to your health are bacteria, mold, dust mites and mildew. They are more dangerous than they sound. They impact the health of the individual in a negative way.

Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

  1. Germs affect the furniture in the house. It causes grime that when consumed by mistake can hurt your stomach
  2. This poor air quality can exacerbate asthma. It has been on the rise lately.
  3. The presence of the germs in the air wrecks the immune system.
  4. The air quality is judged by the number of particles in it. The lesser the germs, the better the quality.
  5. Germs in the air can enable the growth of other microbes that will soon make the environment uninhabitable.

How to reduce the germs to improve air quality

Prevention is better than cure. The first thing to attack is the cause for the presence of the germs in the air. Reduce the growth of the microorganisms by wiping surfaces with antibacterial liquids. Clean the air duct when you see signs of dust and grime.


Indoor air quality deserves all the attention it can get. It is a scientific fact that the germs can affect the quality of the air.


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