Apr 24, 2016

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Top 5 benefits of Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services

Top 5 benefits of Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services

Having a garage door installed in our homes brings in an extra sense of security and an aesthetic look to the house. Whether we are installing a new garage door or repairing a broken one, it’s always advisable to call a professional garage door service company.

Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services is the best option.All garage door systems have a specialized tool called garage door cables, they connect the upper part of the door to the lower side of the Garage door cables. These cables are situated on the drum at the top garage door and run down to the bottom of the door. These cables are crucial as they hold the weight of the garage door and if they fail to operate the doors are inoperable as well.

garage door in planoThe garage door cables keep the torsion of the springs in perfect shape, without them the springs become vulnerable and may break down. Timely check and maintenance of the door cables saves us unnecessary expenditure in future.

Garage door Plano suggests that the garage door cables need to be kept in an excellent shape to ensure the door is safe.

We have to pay close attention to potential signs of warning with the garage door cables. This gives us an indication as to repair or replace the cable. The warnings include:

  • Worn out strands in cable or broken cable
  • Tension spring which is broken might outbalance the door
  • Even when the motor of the opener is working the door fails to open.

If you haven’t given these signs a thought previously, its crucial you do now. If the problem is sighted initially there would be minimal loss.

As per Garage door Plano here are a few benefits of maintaining the garage door cables:

Safety Enhanced: As per Statistics many injuries occur due to garage door every year. If the garage cables functions smoothly it counterbalances the heavy weight of the door.  The torsion provided by the cables help the spring to aid in preventing injuries. As mentioned earlier, cables are an important part of all garage doors. Due to effect of tension and counter-balance, forces of fatigue and stress will weaken the cable strings over time. If this is not attended, it may cause damage to the car and sometimes life. Garage door Plano cable services take care of these and more.

Lifespan of the door extended: The durability of the garage door depends on how well the cables are maintained. There could be multiple reasons for the malfunction of the garage door cables they could be:

  • Jammed doors because of obstacles placed near the garage door tracks, the garage door does not move leading to safety issues. Call Garage Door Plano for a quick service.
  • Rust – a major factor: When rust accumulates in the door springs and cables it would fail to work. Rust free maintenance would give a longer life.
  • Untimely maintenance: Due to the heavy weight of the garage door the cables need to create torsion to counterbalance, a timely maintenance is always advisable.
  • Wear and Tear: Continuous usage of the door leads to wear and tear of the cables leading to non-functioning.
  • Improper installation: Improper installation of the garage door cables may pose a risk as the garage door cables are under immense tension.


Why Garage Door Plano?

Highly qualified technicians from one of the finest trade schools,this ensures that the technicians know what they are doing and hence will not provide you with inappropriate solutions

  1. Technicians are hired only after they prove their skills in their fields, so as to ensure the quality of work is maintained and the customers are provided with absolute alternative solutions.
  2. Competitive pricing keeps Garage door Plano ahead of their counterparts: The lowest price guarantee ensures they outbid other offers plus give you the best quality solution.
  3. Their satisfied customer list is huge. Reviews across the area shows that every customer Garage Door Plano has touched have wonderful things to say about their excellent, affordable and quick service. The customers feel that the Technicians are highly knowledgeable and highly customer focused.

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