Jul 13, 2016

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How to Repair Garage Door Springs

How to Repair Garage Door Springs

When a garage door has broken springs there is usually no way you can open or close the garage door. The springs are among the most important parts of the garage door.A garage door torsion spring uses high tension to counter balance the weight of the garage door. The coils of the spring need to be wound tight. What this means is if the coils are loose or broken it is time to repair or replace the springs.

garage door torsion spring replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement To DIY or not

This is one project that you need to have a serious think about whether to DIY or not as these springs are under a lot of tension and one could easily slip and cause serious injury. Figuring out the type and size of replacement garage door springs to buy could also be troublesome. If your garage door is old or broken, it is recommended to have an experienced technician to replace garage door torsion spring have a look at the springs.

Types of garage door springs

There are two types of springs, used on garage doors.

  • Torsion springs – These are attached on the top end of the garage door.

garage door Extension springs

  • Extension springs – These are located above the upper tracks on both sides of the door.

garage door torsion spring

Spring Repair

Some basic Steps – Do’s and don’ts

  • First unplug the garage door opener.
  • Then disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the operator emergency release. This frees the door from the opener so there is no chance of the door accidently being opened.
  • When you go to buy new springs you need to know the exact size(both the width and the length) of the door.
  • It also helps to make a note of the construction of the door.
  • Next measure the broken door spring making sure you know what the inside diameter of the spring also is.
  • The wire size of the spring also needs to be measured.

While measuring the spring that is not broken there is something you need to be very aware of.

Springs when wound are under heavy tension and can spin with just a touch so do approach it with caution.

Unwinding and Removing the springs

  • Hold the torsion winding bars and loosen the bolts.
  • Once really loose slowly unwind the spring. They are wound about thirty times.
  • Now loosen and then remove both the drums with the help of pliers.
  • Then grab the torsion tube firmly and remove.
  • Pull out all the old parts including the drum and the spring.

Installing new Garage Door springs

  • Both the springs are exactly similar except for the fact that the red goes on the left and the black goes on the right side.
  • While putting the drums back on remember that the drums are marked exactly like the springs.
  • Black on the black end and red on the red end.
  • Next bolt the springs back together and then tighten up.
  • Take the cable making sure it is inserted properly in the drum and then tighten the cable up.
  • Now create tension on the cable with the help of vice grips and then tighten the springs.
  • Finally make sure the door is balanced. Plug the opener back in and your garage doors should now be ready to use.


Most mechanically inclined people should be able to handle replacing garage door springs by themselves if instructions are followed properly and adequate safety measures are taken. However, in case of any doubt about your DIY skills, do call an experienced, skilled technician.

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