May 2, 2017

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How often should you clean your carpet?

How often should you clean your carpet?

Carpets that are dirty are not only bad to look, they also have a lot of dirt, grime and pollutants. They could also be the reason for diseases to breed. It is very important to clean your carpet from time to time.

How often should you clean?

Typically, it is advised that you do an entire cleaning round up every 2 years. If the carpet area has too many people walking on it, then you should consider cleaning it every 12 – 18 months. This timeline is for professional carpet cleaning. Apart from this an average household should make a conscious effort to vacuum atleast 2 times every week. The vacuuming has to be done pretty slowly with repeated strokes in the same place. This will remove the grime, dust and other pollutants.

How to clean the carpet?

Carpet cleaning is often done by professional agencies, if there are too many footfalls in the area, then you should rent a carpet cleaning vacuum and do it yourself.If you are vacuuming, then take time out to do repetitive strokes in the same place. This will ensure that the grime and dust is completely removed. This process will however not disinfect the carpet, you may want to use necessary professional assistance.

How much will it cost?

Hiring can be pretty expensive affair, it could range between $25 – $ 75 based on where you live. You need to plan and set aside time and money to ensure that this is done at regular intervals. Also, there are steaming services which are expensive but ensure that the carpet is disinfected.

With Children around

With children around, there is likelihood that the carpet would be stained to a considerable extent. This calls for extra effort in stain removals. Children tend to spill food and drinks, they could also walk in with stained shoes. Thus, there is a need to clean the carpet every 6 months.

When pets are around

Pets could poop or urinate on the carpet, which could lead to a contaminated environment. Thus, you need to request the cleaning company to specifically disinfect the carpeted area. To eliminate the smell of urine and poop, you need to dab the wet area with a paper towel. Then use a vinegar solution to clean up the place. This will eliminate the smell and disinfect the place considerably. You will have to vacuum the carpet twice every week. Get it professionally cleaned every 2 – 3 months.

Types of carpet cleaning

There are multiple ways to clean the carpet. Vacuuming, professional cleaning, DIY steam cleaners are the popular modes of carpet cleaning. Each of them has varied depth of cleaning abilities. Although you may vacuum your carpet pretty regularly, you may want to hire a professional cleaner who can treat and disinfect the carpet once in a while. This could potentially prevent a number of diseases.


We now know that carpet cleaning is extremely important, not just to keep our house clean but to keep diseases away. Based on the footfalls, you need to decide the frequency of cleaning. Often, you may need to vacuum the carpet one a regular basis.

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