Apr 13, 2017

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Are green carpet cleaning products worth the price?

Are green carpet cleaning products worth the price?

Green carpet cleaning products have flooded the markets. There is increased demand for products which are less harmful. They are priced higher than the conventional chemical products. Are these actually worth the price is what we help you decide.

Chemicals used in conventional products

The one major ingredient used in carpet cleaning products is perchloroethylene. This is popularly called as perc. It is known to cause a headache, dizziness, exhaustion and nausea.

Types of green carpet cleaning products

There are two types of green carpet cleaning products. Homemade solutions and those available in store. Although they may use similar ingredients, the store bought solutions may have extra items which are treated enough to produce great results. All the ingredients may not be available at home and you may not be able to treat the ingredients (refine them). Treating the ingredients will ensure that they produce the best results.

Homemade carpet cleaner for DIY cleaning

Often, for regular vacuuming, people use homemade carpet cleaning solution, it is economical and harmless. A combination of vinegar and water is rubbed all over the carpet. This solution effectively removes minor stains, dust, grime etc., effectively. Vinegar also disinfects the carpet to a certain extent. For tough stains, you could add borax and rock salt to vinegar and rub the stain multiple times. For tough stains, you need to pay separate attention.

Professional cleaners offering green services

Professional cleaners offer green services citing the pulse of the consumer. These are safe and the results are as good as the conventional cleaning. Although the effort seems higher, they use powerful machines which ensure that the grime and dirt come off clean.

Is it effective?

Green solutions are as effective as the conventional ones. Only, they are twice as expensive. Someone with kids and pets is recommended to use this option, especially if they can afford them. However, chemicals tend to take off major stains and grime with minimal effort. The effort required while using green solutions may be higher due to their milder proposition. You may have to repeatedly scrub the area to make them stain free and odor free. The fragrance that green solutions leave is pleasant compared to a chemical cleaning session on the carpet.

Is it genuine?

The main objective of using green solutions for carpet cleaning is safety. These green solutions products are typically certified by a neutral authority to ensure that the product delivers what it promises. Although they come with a heavy price tag, the mere fact that they are safe for kids and pets may make it worthwhile.


Going green has become quite trendy. People fancy using environmentally friendly products. It is also considered better for the fabric and for passive inhalation. People, especially with kids and pets, try to use as less chemicals around the house. Further, using chemicals could be hazardous for the carpet and one’s health in the long run. Green products also contribute ecologically, by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Hence, it may make sense to go green while carpet cleaning as long as they are effective in removing the pollutants and are able to disinfect appropriately.




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