Sep 6, 2016

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Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Introduction – Garage Door Openers Safety

Despite many advanced features, automatic garage openers are becoming a serious safety hazard for young children.

The number of children getting injured in freak accidents involving automatic garage doors is on the rise. Most of the accidents occur when the children get access to activation device that shut down the garage doors.
garage opener safety for children

Children either get trapped inside the garage or in extremely unfortunate situations, the door comes down on the child.

What are the potential safety hazards?

The below list highlights the most common safety hazards involving automatic garage doors.

Falling door

This is the most severe safety hazard. If the garage door is not equipped with reverse mechanism, the child can accidently lock himself in the garage or hurt himself when the door comes down on him.
falling garage door

Hooks and other projections

The child’s clothing or toys can get stuck to the hooks or any other projections on the garage door. It is also advisable to remove any ropes hanging loose from the door as children may hang on the rope. This may cause the door to unexpectedly shut down.

Holes and joints

Children can hurt their fingers when they unintentionally place their fingers in holes and joints when the garage door is in motion.
You must consider to using a duct tape to seal off all holes on the hardware that holds the garage door.

Springs and cables

The springs and cables are responsible for holding the garage door in place. If the cables are worn out or the springs have rusted, there is a certain threat to the safety of your child as the garage door can collapse any time.

Cheap quality auto garage doors

If you plan to cut corners by opting for a lower priced automatic garage door, you may be compromising on the safety of your family.
safety of your family
This is not advisable as young children are not equipped to handle unexpected situation arising out of malfunctioning of the garage door.

Photo eyes

Photo eyes prevent the door from shutting down if there is any object in the doors pathway. If this feature is no longer working properly then the door will shut down while the child is playing in the doors pathway.
garage door Photo eyes

How to keep children safe around automatic garage doors?

Just like any other equipment, proper care should be exercised while using the automatic garage doors. Below is a list of safety tips you must consider to ensure safety of your children.
keep children safe around automatic garage doors

  1. It is important to carefully read and understand the various instructions provided in the owner’s manual. This will help you to know about the safety features and also about the emergency release feature of the garage door.
  2. It is advisable to keep the garage door out of reach from young children at all times.
  3. Never allow children to use the garage door remote as a toy.
  4. Educate your children about the potential safety hazards of garage door.
  5. Teach them to use the garage doors safely.
  6. Conduct a thorough investigation of the garage doors on a monthly basis to ensure there in no damage to the wires, cables, nuts and bolts.
  7. Never allow children to place their fingers between door sections.
  8. Do not leave the garage partially open.
  9. Do not leave the garage door remote unattended
  10. If the garage door is out of balance or you hear screeching noises then it is time to call a overhead garage door repair service center.


Automatic garage doors can have hazardous consequences if they are not well maintained or if components are missing or worn out.

After carefully assessing the situation of your present garage door you must consider either opting for overhead door repair or overhead door replacement.

No matter what you plan to choose, safety of your children around automatic garage door must be of paramount importance.




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