Jul 7, 2016

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How to fix a bad Garage Door Repair 

How to fix a bad Garage Door Repair 

A garage is one of the places where we keep valuable items, our car being the main occupant of it. It makes us very tensed when we get to know that the garage door is damaged. It’s very unsafe because this will attract thieves. This being an extension of home also needs full security. After repairing a garage door, we need to have a complete satisfaction regarding the safety.  But there are circumstances where a garage door repair never ends. It keeps growing more when it’s not rightly fixed. Lack of knowledge of the tools or products used to fix a repair is the culprit for such situations. It’s always better to do a garage door repair when the complete working mechanism of both the garage door components and tools are understood.

Below are the common mistakes made during a garage door repair and how we can fix them.

  • Don’t neglect the repair: The damage might look very small but when neglected it might get worse and take more time and money to fix it.
  • Never use the garage door when it’s under repair: This might cause damage to you or your car. Never use the door until it’s completely fixed and tested.garage door under repair
  • Usage of right tools: When an incorrect tool is used to fix a repair, it can cause more problems. For example using a nail instead of screws while installing a garage door can force open the nail while opening the garage door.
  • Never replace garage door or repair alone: When you don’t have the right knowledge about the job, it’s better to call for help. For example fixing a torsion spring or replacing will require experience. A damaged spring is dangerous to deal with.replace torsion spring
  • Paints: The wrong paint selection will make the garage door look bad and sometimes also erode the material used for the garage door. Always paints are selected depending on the garage door material. The door needs to be regularly washed and painted.
  • Lubricate the joints: The door might get stuck due to various reasons. It might be a simple fix like just lubricating the hinges, torsion spring and other joints. But correct lubricating oil or grease needs to purchased and should not be used in excess since that again leads to damage.
  • Never do temporary or cheap garage door fix: Many do a cheap fix just to be convenient immediately. But what they don’t realize is that every cheap fix will later zoom into a costly expense. All cheap fixes are temporary in nature. It cannot be trusted. Like for example if the garage door doesn’t open completely, doing a cheap fix can cause the door to fall back down anytime. Imagine the expenditure if the door falls down while taking your car out.
  • Invest in the best tools: Cheap tools will again increase your expense in the long term.
    garage door repair tools
  • Wrong door repair: After a wrong fix, the door might open or close with a jerk. In that case the spring and the connecting cable have to be checked first and fixed correctly. Each specific repair has a specific fix for it. Doing the correct fix will avoid lot of inconvenience.


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