May 3, 2016

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What to consider during garage door installation

What to consider during garage door installation

Have you ever had a garage door falling apart? It happens if the door gets poorly installed. You need to hire Garage door installation services to prevent your garage door from falling apart. Here are the seven keys to a safe garage system suggested by Garage door Plano.

  1. Pinch resistance

Accidents happen in the garage, and the most frequent injury that happens is when a finger is smashed or sometimes amputated when caught in between sections as the door moved and prevented by installing doors that offer pinch resistant designs. These pitch resistant models are available at Plano garage door repair services at affordable prices.

  1. Containment garage door cables

If an extension spring fails and breaks, they become heavy whips that can injure people or damage cars. Manufacturers introduced a way to solve this whipping problem. They offer containment cables. Containment gets recommended if your garage door has extension springs and if you are not planning on replacing your garage door. You can also have garage door Plano installation services to install them for you.

  1. Get Garage Door Plano to securely mount rails and hardware

The brackets of the spring on your garage door should be fixed firmly to the wooden header which is above the gate and is for the torsion springs. Brackets supported by the roller track and opener ought to get securely bolted to the rafters. All this can be done perfectly by Plano Garage Door Installation.

  1. Obtain secure automatic door openers

It’s a requirement for the automatic openers to have photoelectric eyes and auto reversing mechanism on both sides of the garage door. The door will automatically change if it was closing if the beam between the eyes gets blocked. The door won’t operate if the eyes aren’t connected. These door openers should be installed to improve safety. Plano garage door installation services are available for proper installation of your door openers.

  1. Lightweight

The weight of the insulated double steel doors ranges from 150 to 200 lbs. Even the heaviest doors of this time fall into this category. The weight of wood or hardboard doors increases more than that. Weight, however, isn’t an issue when the springs tensioned correctly. Eventually, all springs weaken and break with time.

  1. Annual maintenance by Plano garage door services

Eco Alternative Dynamic plano Garage DoorAnnual check of all the bolts and nuts by Garage Door Plano on rollers and rails should be performed to ensure that they get tightened firmly. The rollers and springs should get lubricated. The door should also balance correctly and operate smoothly. To ensure the door is balanced, you need to disconnect the opener and lower the door halfway. If the gate doesn’t hold its position, replace the spring or adjust the spring if it’s not broken. All the cables require being checked to ensure that they are not worn out or even frayed. Depending on the garage door adopted, maintenance cost can be high. Before you install a garage door, you need to know the maintenance cost and that it should fit in your budget. Garage door Plano can perform your annual maintenance at affordable prices.

  1. The location of opener switch

You might find that children love to play with door openers. Plano Garage Door Installation suggest by mounting the opener’s switches at the height of above 5 feet from the ground can help to prevent this.

The homeowner can do some of these installations but always recommended that Garage Door Installation Plano should do it. This way it would minimize the chances of injury or poor installation. Installing on your own can be cheap and can save a lot of money if you know to fix entirely.


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