Jan 15, 2017

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How To Choose The Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service?

How To Choose The Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service?

Choosing a professional air duct cleaning service might seem an easy task when the budget is not a constraint. However, with several scam companies trying to trick people into believing that they are the best, you cannot be too careful while choosing yours. Listed below are a few tips to choose the safest possible services.

Liability insurance and worker’s compensation

Any reputable and professional company will have liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. They will be happy to provide you with written proof of the same when asked for. If they don’t, they could very well be unreliable and attempting to make money out of small or big issues while their workers are at your service.

Background and experience

Look up the records of the air duct cleaning service you want to hire. If they have been in your area for a while, it is unlikely that they will disappear after a problem crops up. If a company has set foot a couple of weeks or a month back, you might want to ask them for referrals from past clients. Their previous customers will be able to provide the best testimonials.

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Minimum customer complaints

You can find out if the said company has a good standing and minimum customer complaints by calling the Council of Better Business Bureaus of the United States or Canada for proper information. The BBB website will also be able to provide you with authentic information.

Reimbursement costs

You should also check whether the company provides reimbursement costs and insurance if there is any damage caused to your home or personal property while they are at work.

Certified by NADCA

You should also find out if the air duct cleaning company is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). These companies are trained to comply with rules and regulations. They can also be trusted to safely clean, evaluate and restore air conditioning and heating systems.

The kind of treatment expected

Find out the kind of treatment that your air duct company will conduct to clean the ducts. If they use chemical treatments, they could be more harmful in the future than the present dirt and debris. You can ask them to show you the label of ingredients so that you can determine whether their usage in your home is safe or not.

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Compare services

Before you pick a particular company to get your air ducts cleaned, you will need to compare the services provided by a few top rated names so that you can get the best. You will have a clear idea as to which one will give you the best service.

The services that should be offered

Air duct cleaning companies should take proper measures to ensure that both you and your pets are well protected from contamination. They should also ensure that your household and personal property is not affected by their cleaning services. They will also need to seal and insulate holes that have been created during the cleaning process. Before choosing a company, get these things included in the hiring contract.

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Rates, fees and time

All rates, fees and charges should be given in writing before the cleaning procedure begins. You should be wary of last-minute additions and margins that are nothing but ways of extracting money. Get a rough estimate of the rates and fees so that you are aware of the potential charges. A written agreement containing all the costs and fees attached with the services can avoid future disputes.

Always ask for a time frame within which the work is supposed to end. This will give you an idea till when you will not be able to access certain parts of your household.


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