Jun 1, 2016

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Why chamberlain garage doors ?

Why chamberlain garage doors ?

Garage door openers may sound luxurious, but for the days when we have to walk up to the garage doors to manually open the doors in the heavy snow fall or rain. When we install a basic garage door opener its job is to open and close the door when operated with the remote. The Chamberlain garage door openers have a quiet belt and are worth the money.

Chamberlain garage door openers Pros:

  • Good battery backup which lasts up to 3 days without connecting external power.
  • Quiet and smooth operation as it comes with a DC motor.
  • This DC motor slows down before it stops at open or close
  • The WiFi connectivity lets you to check and operate the door remotely using your smart phone. So don’t worry if you have forgotten to close the door, or if aren’t sure if you closed the door.
  • These are provided with up to 2-100 W light bulbs, which ensure the garage is well lit.
  • The compatibility with home link devices makes this special.

Open and close the door easily!

The large, heavy antique garage doors cannot be accommodated by most of the garage openers, the home owners used to manually lift and open the doors. But with the Chamberlain garage door opener it has become easier to handle even the heaviest garage doors.

Silent operation:

The quiet and reliable operation of Chamberlain, along with a lifetime warranty makes it the most sought after garage door opener. This system is also provided with ¾ horsepower motor to aid in opening heavy garage doors without any squeak or mechanical noise and with ease. There is a gear case which provides lubrication continuously for a smooth movement and longer life.

Installed in a minute

The Chamberlain garage door opener comes with 5 railing sections which can be assembled into one piece which is long. The manual is easy to follow and the step by step instructions lets you assemble and install the unit is just 60 seconds.

Protection from Theft and accidents

The added safety feature in Chamberlain garage door openers saves the users from closing the door accidentally. There is also an anti theft protection to save the users from break-ins. The auto-force sensor monitors the garage door constantly and adjusts forces as per the temperature fluctuation, height of the floor and also track door movements. This system is also provided with sensors which projects an invisible beam which reverses the door when the beam is interrupted. Giving the customer a peace of mind. The anti- burglary protection used by Chamberlain sends new code every time your remote control is used, this acts as an additional layer of protection. The unique feature of the PosiLock ensures that the door stays locked once the door is closed. To use during power failure a manual release handle is also provided

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