Nov 29, 2016

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All that you need to know about garage door insulation


Insulating your garage door in simple words means keeping your garage warmer, cooler, quieter and protecting your space from external elements.

If energy costs are burning a hole in your pocket, it is time to decide on whether or not you wish to install a good insulation for your garage doors. The garage door is probably the entrance used most frequently to access your home. In that case, every time the door is opened or shut, it can lead to temperature changes inside your garage. If your garage is attached to the rest of the house then it makes sense to insulate your garage door as well in order to avoid temperature fluctuations. Insulating the garage door maybe a good idea to lessen the noise level if your garage is attached to the rest of your living space.

purpose of garage door insulation

The purpose of garage door insulation

In regions where the natural elements are extreme, like excess heat, cold or windy weather, it makes sense to have an insulated garage door. But if your garage is just a place to park your car or used as storage for your other belongings, insulated garage doors may not be a necessity. It makes sense to look at other viable options.

Wherever insulation is required for a garage door, it is lined with insulation in order to slow down or reduces the conduction of heat or cold from outside and vice versa. Insulation acts as a barrier to the heat flow keeping your garage warm in winter and cool in the summer months.

There are several choices available in the market today. The broad categories are:

Batt insulation

This is a fiber glass material. It is relatively easy to use. This is a flexible insulation stuffed into exterior walls and uses paper or foil as back up. This enables the batt insulated doors to have vapour and air barriers. The batt insulation is usually considered economical and cost effective.

garage door Batt insulation

Reflective Insulation

The solid and rigid boards of reflective insulation has aluminium foil applied to one or both sides of the insulation materials. This type of insulation reflects heat and hence is a good choice for garages facing extreme weather conditions.

garage door Reflective Insulation

Polystyrene Foam

This type of foam insulation is sold in large sheets which need to be cut according to the panels and attached to your garage doors in individual sections. This is water proof and comes in various thicknesses. The installation process is simple. This is a good value for money option.

Polyurethane Foam

This has comparatively more density and is a better insulator. The installation process remains similar to the polystyrene foam. It is directly bonded to the garage door. This makes it more resistant and is a quieter option when opening and closing the garage door.

garage door Polyurethane Foam

Points to be noted when you install garage door insulation

Decide on your budget. Check if the insulation is compatible to your garage door. Keep in mind whether your garage door can bear the weight of the insulation. Further, check for fire proofing, water proofing and other aspects of the material. You also need to check whether the doors’ springs need to rebalance after the installation. Once the installation is complete check if a proper sealing has been done. Check for gaps and weather proof the garage door which also provides access to the insides of your house. Take a close look at all electrical outlets for any leaks. This could save you on unnecessary energy costs.

However, one also needs to keep in mind that the garage door insulation is effective and efficient depending on whether the rest of your garage is insulated or not.

Further, functionality and performance of your garage door after insulation is an important factor to be considered before deciding whether the insulation was worthwhile or not. Insulated doors maybe more sturdy than non-insulated doors.


One needs to know that insulation by itself does not generate heat or cold. Insulation only traps the air and safeguards your garage space from all weather extremities.

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Sep 17, 2016

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How Eliminate Annoying Noise of your Garage Doors

How Eliminate Annoying Noise of your Garage Doors

Have you ever experienced waking up from your wonderful dream just because your garage door are clamoring close or open at certain horrendous hour? If yes, you will surely agree that this is not really a pleasant experience.

Noisy garage doors

No one deserves to be put up in this kind of garage door noise abuse so many individuals are exerting much time and effort to find the right ways on how to eliminate the annoying noise of their garage doors. One of the best ways to rectify this issue is getting a professional garage door repair service.

Garage Door Repair – An Ideal Fix to Noisy Garage Doors

Noisy garage doors can be the main sources of disruptions and annoyance. Louder garage doors can disrupt your usual sleeping pattern and can cause many other inconveniences and discomfort. Good thing is that there are effective ways to eliminate noise and vibrations when the garage doors open or close.

Noisy overhead garage doors

By executing an efficient and suitable garage door repair service, noisy garage doors will no longer be your problems. The repairs required by your garage doors can be done easily by an expert technician therefore, you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind knowing that your kids cannot sneak out of your house at night. Your property will also be secured and protected. With professional garage door repair, the noisy doors of your garage will be silenced immediately.

Why Opt for Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Garage doors are vital parts of any home or commercial property. These are important parts that should be in perfect condition for them to function properly. Though do it yourself garage door repair is a widely accepted option, it still pays to opt for the service provided by a reputable, reliable and professional garage door company.

commercial gararge door

This type of company is composed of expert installers and garage door repair technicians who are fully trained and experienced in resolving all garage door issues or concerns. Garage doors come in different sizes, types, setups and styles. By opting for professional garage door repair, you can expect an expert technician to deliver the exact solutions or procedures that will completely eliminate the noise created by your garage doors as well as other common problems posed by your garage doors.

garage door repair technicians

Therefore, for a secure and noise-free garage doors, always use garage door repair service offered only by the expert in this field. In such way, you are rest assured that you can sleep well at night with no disruptions and worries . Garage door repair is viewed as one of the best solutions to get your garage doors in perfect function and condition.

Garage door repair service covers a broad scope including inspection, installations, replacements and more. For a functional and noise free garage doors, investing on this service is a smart option. Garage door repair service, if properly executed can benefit you and you entire family in many different ways. So if the need for repairs arises, always contact only the professional repair technicians to get your entire garage completely covered.

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Sep 6, 2016

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Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Introduction – Garage Door Openers Safety

Despite many advanced features, automatic garage openers are becoming a serious safety hazard for young children.

The number of children getting injured in freak accidents involving automatic garage doors is on the rise. Most of the accidents occur when the children get access to activation device that shut down the garage doors.
garage opener safety for children

Children either get trapped inside the garage or in extremely unfortunate situations, the door comes down on the child.

What are the potential safety hazards?

The below list highlights the most common safety hazards involving automatic garage doors.

Falling door

This is the most severe safety hazard. If the garage door is not equipped with reverse mechanism, the child can accidently lock himself in the garage or hurt himself when the door comes down on him.
falling garage door

Hooks and other projections

The child’s clothing or toys can get stuck to the hooks or any other projections on the garage door. It is also advisable to remove any ropes hanging loose from the door as children may hang on the rope. This may cause the door to unexpectedly shut down.

Holes and joints

Children can hurt their fingers when they unintentionally place their fingers in holes and joints when the garage door is in motion.
You must consider to using a duct tape to seal off all holes on the hardware that holds the garage door.

Springs and cables

The springs and cables are responsible for holding the garage door in place. If the cables are worn out or the springs have rusted, there is a certain threat to the safety of your child as the garage door can collapse any time.

Cheap quality auto garage doors

If you plan to cut corners by opting for a lower priced automatic garage door, you may be compromising on the safety of your family.
safety of your family
This is not advisable as young children are not equipped to handle unexpected situation arising out of malfunctioning of the garage door.

Photo eyes

Photo eyes prevent the door from shutting down if there is any object in the doors pathway. If this feature is no longer working properly then the door will shut down while the child is playing in the doors pathway.
garage door Photo eyes

How to keep children safe around automatic garage doors?

Just like any other equipment, proper care should be exercised while using the automatic garage doors. Below is a list of safety tips you must consider to ensure safety of your children.
keep children safe around automatic garage doors

  1. It is important to carefully read and understand the various instructions provided in the owner’s manual. This will help you to know about the safety features and also about the emergency release feature of the garage door.
  2. It is advisable to keep the garage door out of reach from young children at all times.
  3. Never allow children to use the garage door remote as a toy.
  4. Educate your children about the potential safety hazards of garage door.
  5. Teach them to use the garage doors safely.
  6. Conduct a thorough investigation of the garage doors on a monthly basis to ensure there in no damage to the wires, cables, nuts and bolts.
  7. Never allow children to place their fingers between door sections.
  8. Do not leave the garage partially open.
  9. Do not leave the garage door remote unattended
  10. If the garage door is out of balance or you hear screeching noises then it is time to call a overhead garage door repair service center.


Automatic garage doors can have hazardous consequences if they are not well maintained or if components are missing or worn out.

After carefully assessing the situation of your present garage door you must consider either opting for overhead door repair or overhead door replacement.

No matter what you plan to choose, safety of your children around automatic garage door must be of paramount importance.




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Aug 30, 2016

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Garage door repair and maintenance – All you have to know!

Garage door repair and maintenance – All you have to know!

Garage door are devices that make our lives more and it is important to keep them in good shape. These devices are pretty much installed for security and safety purposes and have to be maintained well and the garage door repair and services should be given importance.

Garage door repair and maintenance

It could be easily done if you monitor the doors regularly for the wear and tear. You have to start taking action when your garage door stops responding to your control and commands. There are some simple steps which you could follow before you have to call in a professional service man to repair the garage door.

  • The basic check on your garage door opener would ideally make you aware of the condition. Look for any failure in your remote control. The batteries must have gone or some programming in the remote could have changed which might lead to your garage door not functioning.
  • Also look out for the sensors in the doors. These devices make the door stationary if they find any object in the vicinity of the door. Steer clear the path way of the door and check if the door opener works fine.
  • Check your wall unit. It is likely that some electronics has gone wrong there or a small circuit trouble.
  • Check the springs on the sides of the door or on your wall. Some openers come with these springs. Too much of friction can sometimes cause these springs to bust and they might not work like before.

These are some basic checks which will enable you to check if there is any minor problem which could be easily fixed. Once you are done through these steps and still cannot make the garage door work, you could initiate the process for hiring professional help to repair the garage door. Also you have to take into consideration the wear and tear of the door and start seeking expert help before it is too late. Keep monitoring the garage door opener and its various parts for any abnormalities. You might have to raise a trigger and seek professional help when you start seeing something not working as it usually does.

Also you have to take into consideration the wear and tear of the door and start seeking expert help before it is too late. Keep monitoring the garage door opener and its various parts for any abnormalities. You might have to raise a trigger and seek professional help when you start seeing something not working as it usually does.

Keep a tab on the door rollers

These mini rollers are devices which constantly keep working. The wheels in those have to keep moving up and down the track when you open or close the door. It is important to check the wheels and their friction. When you think these wheels are not fast as they usually are, you might have to get them replaced for the garage door to function well.
garage door rollers

Check for the door balance

It is mandatory to keep monitoring the balance of your garage door.  The door should open and close smoothly. There should not be any difficulty and you should not ideally have any hard time opening or closing the door. If you think there is a off balance in the door, it is time to seek a help for repairing the garage door.
garage door balance


If you have been lubricating the door and some of its parts, you will be in a better position to tell if there is any change in the functional operation of the door. The hinges, jambs, screws and springs need some amount of lubrication and this will keep the door in good condition for a long time.

Check cables

The high tension cables are an important part of the door. A monitoring to check for any tear or damage in the cable will need immediate expert intervention.
Check garage door cables

Maintain the door

Your door has seen many external conditions. It has seen severe wind, rain, flood, dust and so many raw conditions. It could be peeling its paint or could have warps, could have rust spots and might have even be chipped in several spots. Look out for these conditions and most importantly clean and wash the door whenever required. It is a major part of the house and projects how well you maintain your house.



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Aug 9, 2016

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4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

Long lasting durable rollers and overhead door hinges are a part and parcel of all plano overhead garage doors. Overhead doors are only as good as their hinges and rollers, right?  The best quality doors with the best anti rust, anti-corrosive treatment will fall flat if not supported by high quality overhead door rollers and hinges. Whenever overhead doors are in operation they make noise, but the amount of noise produced is dependent on the quality of the door rollers and hinges used;

a prime quality overhead garage door Plano with high end parts will operate smoothly and quietly. Plano overhead garage door rollers and hinges are long lasting, efficient and support overhead garage doors perfectly. Let us analyse why the Plano overhead door rollers and hinges are more durable, long lasting and efficient than the rest…

Plano overhead garage Door rollers:

overhead garage door rollerGarage door rollers are the most used parts in the system of a overhead garage door. Every time the overhead door operates the rollers have to move smoothly and efficiently. That is the reason the lifespan of the door roller is crucial for the longevity of the garage door itself!

overhead Door rollers are typically of two kinds – Nylon and steel.

Nylon overhead rollers are quieter but tend to break easily and are quiet expensive. In comparison steel rollers are relatively cheaper, long lasting and more durable.

The next point is the number of ball bearings in each roller. The more the number of ball bearings the lesser the noise the overhead door makes while it is being operated. Ok, now that we know the basics, let us list out 4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers are durable:

  • Plano overhead door rollers are made of the highest gauge of steel, and as we know steel is the most durable of all materials used in the garage door system! They are also less expensive.
  • They have 10 ball bearings making them quiet when in motion
  • The steel used is galvanized steel, hence the roller is protected from rust and corrosion and moisture
  • Plano overhead garage door rollers come with a lifetime warranty, which is only possible if high end material has been sued to make them!

overhead Door Hinges

overhead garage door hingesAnother important part of a overhead garage door without which the door wouldn’t be able to move at all is the door hinges!  The door hinges too have pretty much the same features as the overhead rollers in the kind of material been used.

Plano overhead doors uses heavy-duty 14-gauge hinges with “wide body” pattern for greater stability and longer life. The galvanised steel protects the hinges from corrosion, rust and moisture thus increasing the life of the hinges. Hinges are powder coated thus ensuring their long life.

Thus, we see that overhead garage door Plano uses commercial grade hardware and tracks and 10 ball bearing steel rollers to provide optimum durability to the overhead door rollers. At the same time it uses heavy duty hinges to support all kinds of garage doors and help in the smooth operation of the same at the most affordable prices.

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Jul 28, 2016

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Why Do You Need A Garage Door Repair

The garage door is probably one of the most operated devices in your house. So, you wouldn’t want it to get stuck when you have to rush to the office or you have to reach somewhere in time. However, this is the most common problem we face with a garage door. So, we need to keep our garage doors in proper condition and repair them as and when required.

Before we move to the different reasons of repairing a garage door, we need to understand the different types and parts of a garage door. Garage doors can be operated manually or by an electric motor. Smaller garage doors have a single panel, which can open upwards. But, bigger garage doors can have multiple panels with can roll up in several folds. As, garage doors have several fixed and moving parts, as well as remotes for operating it, it is also prone to different kinds of faults and problems, which needs rectification and repair.

Some of the common reasons, why your garage doors might need repair are discussed as below:

Tracks are misaligned: The garage door runs on tracks, which can get misaligned and thus needs repair. Gaps in the rollers and rails make them difficult to move. There are photo eyes on either side of garage doors, which can get damaged or broken, which prevents the door from moving.

garage door Tracks are misaligned

Remote not working: There can be a problem in the remote, which operates the garage door rather than the door itself. It may be out of batteries or some damaged junction, which needs repair. So, you might want to get it checked before repairing the garage door.

garage door Remote not working

Garage door opens/closely randomly: This can cause the garage door to open or close, when not being operated. It can be due to accumulated dirt or a pile of papers, which might be obstructing the free movement over the tracks.

Automatic garage door is stuck: The automatic door might be stuck due to a problem with the transmitter or sensors, which are unable to establish a connection with the garage door. This is an important reason to go for a garage door repair.

Garage door parts not functional: The different parts of the garage door might be damaged, rusted, and broken, which makes it difficult to operate from outside. And, sometimes, it is also difficult to judge, which part might be broken. So, a garage door repair inspection will be able to find out all the probable defects and advise you on the best action.

Apart from this, garage door and its parts need to be lubrication and other maintenance to protect it from damages from snow, rains, etc. So, time to time maintenance packages are very important to keep the garage door in proper shape so that they function properly, mostly when you need to. Though, some repairs are DIY, but the major ones need expert inspection and technical know-how. So, it is important to consult specialists for your garage door repair.



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