Aug 9, 2016

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4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

Long lasting durable rollers and overhead door hinges are a part and parcel of all plano overhead garage doors. Overhead doors are only as good as their hinges and rollers, right?  The best quality doors with the best anti rust, anti-corrosive treatment will fall flat if not supported by high quality overhead door rollers and hinges. Whenever overhead doors are in operation they make noise, but the amount of noise produced is dependent on the quality of the door rollers and hinges used;

a prime quality overhead garage door Plano with high end parts will operate smoothly and quietly. Plano overhead garage door rollers and hinges are long lasting, efficient and support overhead garage doors perfectly. Let us analyse why the Plano overhead door rollers and hinges are more durable, long lasting and efficient than the rest…

Plano overhead garage Door rollers:

overhead garage door rollerGarage door rollers are the most used parts in the system of a overhead garage door. Every time the overhead door operates the rollers have to move smoothly and efficiently. That is the reason the lifespan of the door roller is crucial for the longevity of the garage door itself!

overhead Door rollers are typically of two kinds – Nylon and steel.

Nylon overhead rollers are quieter but tend to break easily and are quiet expensive. In comparison steel rollers are relatively cheaper, long lasting and more durable.

The next point is the number of ball bearings in each roller. The more the number of ball bearings the lesser the noise the overhead door makes while it is being operated. Ok, now that we know the basics, let us list out 4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers are durable:

  • Plano overhead door rollers are made of the highest gauge of steel, and as we know steel is the most durable of all materials used in the garage door system! They are also less expensive.
  • They have 10 ball bearings making them quiet when in motion
  • The steel used is galvanized steel, hence the roller is protected from rust and corrosion and moisture
  • Plano overhead garage door rollers come with a lifetime warranty, which is only possible if high end material has been sued to make them!

overhead Door Hinges

overhead garage door hingesAnother important part of a overhead garage door without which the door wouldn’t be able to move at all is the door hinges!  The door hinges too have pretty much the same features as the overhead rollers in the kind of material been used.

Plano overhead doors uses heavy-duty 14-gauge hinges with “wide body” pattern for greater stability and longer life. The galvanised steel protects the hinges from corrosion, rust and moisture thus increasing the life of the hinges. Hinges are powder coated thus ensuring their long life.

Thus, we see that overhead garage door Plano uses commercial grade hardware and tracks and 10 ball bearing steel rollers to provide optimum durability to the overhead door rollers. At the same time it uses heavy duty hinges to support all kinds of garage doors and help in the smooth operation of the same at the most affordable prices.

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