May 2, 2017

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How often should you clean your carpet?

How often should you clean your carpet?

Carpets that are dirty are not only bad to look, they also have a lot of dirt, grime and pollutants. They could also be the reason for diseases to breed. It is very important to clean your carpet from time to time.

How often should you clean?

Typically, it is advised that you do an entire cleaning round up every 2 years. If the carpet area has too many people walking on it, then you should consider cleaning it every 12 – 18 months. This timeline is for professional carpet cleaning. Apart from this an average household should make a conscious effort to vacuum atleast 2 times every week. The vacuuming has to be done pretty slowly with repeated strokes in the same place. This will remove the grime, dust and other pollutants.

How to clean the carpet?

Carpet cleaning is often done by professional agencies, if there are too many footfalls in the area, then you should rent a carpet cleaning vacuum and do it yourself.If you are vacuuming, then take time out to do repetitive strokes in the same place. This will ensure that the grime and dust is completely removed. This process will however not disinfect the carpet, you may want to use necessary professional assistance.

How much will it cost?

Hiring can be pretty expensive affair, it could range between $25 – $ 75 based on where you live. You need to plan and set aside time and money to ensure that this is done at regular intervals. Also, there are steaming services which are expensive but ensure that the carpet is disinfected.

With Children around

With children around, there is likelihood that the carpet would be stained to a considerable extent. This calls for extra effort in stain removals. Children tend to spill food and drinks, they could also walk in with stained shoes. Thus, there is a need to clean the carpet every 6 months.

When pets are around

Pets could poop or urinate on the carpet, which could lead to a contaminated environment. Thus, you need to request the cleaning company to specifically disinfect the carpeted area. To eliminate the smell of urine and poop, you need to dab the wet area with a paper towel. Then use a vinegar solution to clean up the place. This will eliminate the smell and disinfect the place considerably. You will have to vacuum the carpet twice every week. Get it professionally cleaned every 2 – 3 months.

Types of carpet cleaning

There are multiple ways to clean the carpet. Vacuuming, professional cleaning, DIY steam cleaners are the popular modes of carpet cleaning. Each of them has varied depth of cleaning abilities. Although you may vacuum your carpet pretty regularly, you may want to hire a professional cleaner who can treat and disinfect the carpet once in a while. This could potentially prevent a number of diseases.


We now know that carpet cleaning is extremely important, not just to keep our house clean but to keep diseases away. Based on the footfalls, you need to decide the frequency of cleaning. Often, you may need to vacuum the carpet one a regular basis.

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Apr 13, 2017

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Are green carpet cleaning products worth the price?

Are green carpet cleaning products worth the price?

Green carpet cleaning products have flooded the markets. There is increased demand for products which are less harmful. They are priced higher than the conventional chemical products. Are these actually worth the price is what we help you decide.

Chemicals used in conventional products

The one major ingredient used in carpet cleaning products is perchloroethylene. This is popularly called as perc. It is known to cause a headache, dizziness, exhaustion and nausea.

Types of green carpet cleaning products

There are two types of green carpet cleaning products. Homemade solutions and those available in store. Although they may use similar ingredients, the store bought solutions may have extra items which are treated enough to produce great results. All the ingredients may not be available at home and you may not be able to treat the ingredients (refine them). Treating the ingredients will ensure that they produce the best results.

Homemade carpet cleaner for DIY cleaning

Often, for regular vacuuming, people use homemade carpet cleaning solution, it is economical and harmless. A combination of vinegar and water is rubbed all over the carpet. This solution effectively removes minor stains, dust, grime etc., effectively. Vinegar also disinfects the carpet to a certain extent. For tough stains, you could add borax and rock salt to vinegar and rub the stain multiple times. For tough stains, you need to pay separate attention.

Professional cleaners offering green services

Professional cleaners offer green services citing the pulse of the consumer. These are safe and the results are as good as the conventional cleaning. Although the effort seems higher, they use powerful machines which ensure that the grime and dirt come off clean.

Is it effective?

Green solutions are as effective as the conventional ones. Only, they are twice as expensive. Someone with kids and pets is recommended to use this option, especially if they can afford them. However, chemicals tend to take off major stains and grime with minimal effort. The effort required while using green solutions may be higher due to their milder proposition. You may have to repeatedly scrub the area to make them stain free and odor free. The fragrance that green solutions leave is pleasant compared to a chemical cleaning session on the carpet.

Is it genuine?

The main objective of using green solutions for carpet cleaning is safety. These green solutions products are typically certified by a neutral authority to ensure that the product delivers what it promises. Although they come with a heavy price tag, the mere fact that they are safe for kids and pets may make it worthwhile.


Going green has become quite trendy. People fancy using environmentally friendly products. It is also considered better for the fabric and for passive inhalation. People, especially with kids and pets, try to use as less chemicals around the house. Further, using chemicals could be hazardous for the carpet and one’s health in the long run. Green products also contribute ecologically, by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Hence, it may make sense to go green while carpet cleaning as long as they are effective in removing the pollutants and are able to disinfect appropriately.




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Mar 31, 2017

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Will Regular Cleaning Of Air Ducts Prevent High Energy Costs?

Will Regular Cleaning Of Air Ducts Prevent High Energy Costs?

Before the heat in Texas takes over your living room and makes it difficult for you to survive the days, make sure that the air ducts of your air conditioner are properly cleaned. Clean air ducts will give you better, healthier and safer air to breathe in. When you live in a place that is particularly hotter, the best way to cool down your home without increasing energy bills is to regularly clean your air ducts. It is the most affordable way to ensure that your AC unit is cooling down your house as efficiently as possible.

Why does air duct cleaning matter?

Air duct cleaning has become a major topic of concern for a few years now. Regular services are demanded by residents in hotter climes because air duct cleaning can significantly improve air quality. by removing dust, debris and other contaminants, air duct cleaning can help make the air healthier and easier to breathe in.

air duct cleaning

Easier for your AC to work

The other advantage of air duct cleaning is the fact that it improves air efficiency. This, in turn, helps your AC to work more efficiently. Your AC ends up cooling down your house faster that maintains lower energy costs.

How does debris affect energy costs?

Air ducts circulate the air around your house for 6-7 times a day on an average basis. This is why they are prone to debris and dust accumulation. All airborne debris and contaminants pass through the air ducts and get stuck on them. With gradual accumulation of debris, it becomes harder for your AC to cool down the household. It takes more time and hence your energy costs go up.

Is air duct cleaning quintessential?

Your AC will continue to work even with clogged air ducts but it will not work to its full potential. You might find your AC taking more time to cool down your house. You might also need to adjust the temperature often to ensure that the cooling is optimal. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your AC. It simply means that your air ducts need cleaning.

What does the EPA suggest?

The EPA suggests that even if there is no study to prove that air duct cleaning could have health benefits, it could still have a number of advantages for people who are allergic or have respiratory diseases.

All kinds of costs come down

When you get your air ducts cleaned, you are not only saving on energy costs but also on other substantial costs that crop up in a dirty household. Dust is all around us. This is a homemaker’s regular struggle. No sooner than you have cleaned tables, carpets and upholstery do dust tend to start accumulating again. The problem with heaters and air conditioners is the fact they keep circulating the dust and debris throughout the entire household. This increases other costs like carpet cleaning and other home comfort costs. If you have clean air ducts in the first place, all kinds of costs come down.

Make your house efficient

To sum it up, getting your air ducts cleaned will definitely lower your energy costs and will enhance your AC’s efficiency by 40%. All you need to do is contact a professional air duct cleaning company so that you can enjoy your warm summers in the best of cooling. Not only will your house be devoid of air contaminants but also be more energy efficient.

No blaming energy costs

You will finally stop blaming increasing energy costs because the problem does not lie there. The problem lies in the clogged air ducts of your AC and heater that decrease their efficiency. Get your systems professionally cleaned and lower your heating and cooling bills right away.



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Jan 22, 2017

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How to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system?

How to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system?

What is the HVAC System?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is also known as HVAC system. The main aim is to provide thermal comfort and good indoor air quality. Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics have intrinsic roles to play in this system.

Where are HVAC systems installed?

Yes, it is very important. It is vital in cold places. They are available in houses, hotels, apartments and office buildings. Schools and hospitals also install them.

HVAC system


Exchanging and replacing the air in any space to improve the air quality in the room requires proper ventilation. It includes removal of unwanted particles such as heat, smoke, dust, grime, and dirt. Airborne bacteria and gasses such as carbon dioxide are also removed.

Ventilation also removes excess moisture and smoke. It is important for the air to keep circulating in the interiors. Stagnation of the air leads to pungent smells.

Importance of an efficient HVAC System

HVAC system promotes ventilation. It ensures that the occupants of the building neither sweat to dehydration nor freeze to death.

Importance of maintaining an HVAC system

There are a lot of health benefits that come from a well-maintained system. It prevents molds that usually thrive in damp and warm areas. These molds are one of the main triggers of allergy and asthma.

Cleaning of Entire System

This takes a few hours. Most of the reputable professional cleaners use the vented machine outside in order to contain the dust and the dirt that is outside the house.

How to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system?

  • Purchase a programmable thermostat

Purchase a programmable thermostat. Use it correctly and efficiently. If you drop the temperature in your house by ten to fifteen degrees and then increasing it by the same margin in winter, close to fifteen percent costs are saved annually. You save a lot of money by allowing your home to be warmer or cooler as the weather requires.

  • Change the air filter

The airflow in the system is less efficient because of the dirt. This dirt blocks the airflow through the HVAC system. There is a good way to check it. it is time to change the filters when you do not see the light pass through the filters. Statistics state that an air filter can last between 60 and 90 days. Regular inspection makes them more efficient and saves a lot of money in the process.

  • Coils on the AC unit have to be cleaned

Another way to improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC system is to clean the coil. The fan in the outdoor unit pulls not just warm air in and over the coils but also a lot of dust and dirt. Another way is to keep the outside of the unit also clean. That way, less amount of dirt is pulled in.

  • Replace regularly

Old is not gold when it comes to HVAC Systems. Keep replacing them regularly to keep your homes clean and fresh.

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Dec 8, 2016

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Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

The moment I hear the word germs, I have the urge to wash my hands. I have two children. I cringe at the word, germs. I have personal issues with that make me go attack the problem with hammer and tongs. It is a very normal reaction, especially for a mother.

Importance of air quality

It seems like a very lame question. Of course, it is important. Why is there even a doubt now? For all practical purposes, a clean environment in the house is one of the key solutions to all health problems. Regular dusting and vacuuming along with throwing out the old things is a good way to keep the dust and the grime out. Clean air is essential to keep the lungs free of all the germs.


Germs in the air

Seeing is believing, yes. There are exceptions. God and germs. Unless you are in a vacuum, it is very unlikely that there are no germs in the surrounding. Germs are just as omnipresent. These germs are the reason for many kinds of illness and diseases. These germs affect the quality of the indoor air in ways you can never imagine.

How do germs affect the quality of the indoor air?

Germs have a big impact on the air quality. More the germs, more the chances of you falling sick. Many communicable diseases are spread through the air. The quality of the air decreases in a big way. Unless you are able to control the air that goes in and out of the house, the airborne germs will get to you. You are not likely to be safe in an environment that has been compromised with unfriendly bacteria and virus out to get you.

Top contaminants

Some of the contaminants in the air that can cause serious damage to your health are bacteria, mold, dust mites and mildew. They are more dangerous than they sound. They impact the health of the individual in a negative way.

Top 5 reasons why germs affect indoor air quality

  1. Germs affect the furniture in the house. It causes grime that when consumed by mistake can hurt your stomach
  2. This poor air quality can exacerbate asthma. It has been on the rise lately.
  3. The presence of the germs in the air wrecks the immune system.
  4. The air quality is judged by the number of particles in it. The lesser the germs, the better the quality.
  5. Germs in the air can enable the growth of other microbes that will soon make the environment uninhabitable.

How to reduce the germs to improve air quality

Prevention is better than cure. The first thing to attack is the cause for the presence of the germs in the air. Reduce the growth of the microorganisms by wiping surfaces with antibacterial liquids. Clean the air duct when you see signs of dust and grime.


Indoor air quality deserves all the attention it can get. It is a scientific fact that the germs can affect the quality of the air.


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Sep 6, 2016

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Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Garage Door Openers Safety Hazard For Children

Introduction – Garage Door Openers Safety

Despite many advanced features, automatic garage openers are becoming a serious safety hazard for young children.

The number of children getting injured in freak accidents involving automatic garage doors is on the rise. Most of the accidents occur when the children get access to activation device that shut down the garage doors.
garage opener safety for children

Children either get trapped inside the garage or in extremely unfortunate situations, the door comes down on the child.

What are the potential safety hazards?

The below list highlights the most common safety hazards involving automatic garage doors.

Falling door

This is the most severe safety hazard. If the garage door is not equipped with reverse mechanism, the child can accidently lock himself in the garage or hurt himself when the door comes down on him.
falling garage door

Hooks and other projections

The child’s clothing or toys can get stuck to the hooks or any other projections on the garage door. It is also advisable to remove any ropes hanging loose from the door as children may hang on the rope. This may cause the door to unexpectedly shut down.

Holes and joints

Children can hurt their fingers when they unintentionally place their fingers in holes and joints when the garage door is in motion.
You must consider to using a duct tape to seal off all holes on the hardware that holds the garage door.

Springs and cables

The springs and cables are responsible for holding the garage door in place. If the cables are worn out or the springs have rusted, there is a certain threat to the safety of your child as the garage door can collapse any time.

Cheap quality auto garage doors

If you plan to cut corners by opting for a lower priced automatic garage door, you may be compromising on the safety of your family.
safety of your family
This is not advisable as young children are not equipped to handle unexpected situation arising out of malfunctioning of the garage door.

Photo eyes

Photo eyes prevent the door from shutting down if there is any object in the doors pathway. If this feature is no longer working properly then the door will shut down while the child is playing in the doors pathway.
garage door Photo eyes

How to keep children safe around automatic garage doors?

Just like any other equipment, proper care should be exercised while using the automatic garage doors. Below is a list of safety tips you must consider to ensure safety of your children.
keep children safe around automatic garage doors

  1. It is important to carefully read and understand the various instructions provided in the owner’s manual. This will help you to know about the safety features and also about the emergency release feature of the garage door.
  2. It is advisable to keep the garage door out of reach from young children at all times.
  3. Never allow children to use the garage door remote as a toy.
  4. Educate your children about the potential safety hazards of garage door.
  5. Teach them to use the garage doors safely.
  6. Conduct a thorough investigation of the garage doors on a monthly basis to ensure there in no damage to the wires, cables, nuts and bolts.
  7. Never allow children to place their fingers between door sections.
  8. Do not leave the garage partially open.
  9. Do not leave the garage door remote unattended
  10. If the garage door is out of balance or you hear screeching noises then it is time to call a overhead garage door repair service center.


Automatic garage doors can have hazardous consequences if they are not well maintained or if components are missing or worn out.

After carefully assessing the situation of your present garage door you must consider either opting for overhead door repair or overhead door replacement.

No matter what you plan to choose, safety of your children around automatic garage door must be of paramount importance.




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Aug 30, 2016

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Garage door repair and maintenance – All you have to know!

Garage door repair and maintenance – All you have to know!

Garage door are devices that make our lives more and it is important to keep them in good shape. These devices are pretty much installed for security and safety purposes and have to be maintained well and the garage door repair and services should be given importance.

Garage door repair and maintenance

It could be easily done if you monitor the doors regularly for the wear and tear. You have to start taking action when your garage door stops responding to your control and commands. There are some simple steps which you could follow before you have to call in a professional service man to repair the garage door.

  • The basic check on your garage door opener would ideally make you aware of the condition. Look for any failure in your remote control. The batteries must have gone or some programming in the remote could have changed which might lead to your garage door not functioning.
  • Also look out for the sensors in the doors. These devices make the door stationary if they find any object in the vicinity of the door. Steer clear the path way of the door and check if the door opener works fine.
  • Check your wall unit. It is likely that some electronics has gone wrong there or a small circuit trouble.
  • Check the springs on the sides of the door or on your wall. Some openers come with these springs. Too much of friction can sometimes cause these springs to bust and they might not work like before.

These are some basic checks which will enable you to check if there is any minor problem which could be easily fixed. Once you are done through these steps and still cannot make the garage door work, you could initiate the process for hiring professional help to repair the garage door. Also you have to take into consideration the wear and tear of the door and start seeking expert help before it is too late. Keep monitoring the garage door opener and its various parts for any abnormalities. You might have to raise a trigger and seek professional help when you start seeing something not working as it usually does.

Also you have to take into consideration the wear and tear of the door and start seeking expert help before it is too late. Keep monitoring the garage door opener and its various parts for any abnormalities. You might have to raise a trigger and seek professional help when you start seeing something not working as it usually does.

Keep a tab on the door rollers

These mini rollers are devices which constantly keep working. The wheels in those have to keep moving up and down the track when you open or close the door. It is important to check the wheels and their friction. When you think these wheels are not fast as they usually are, you might have to get them replaced for the garage door to function well.
garage door rollers

Check for the door balance

It is mandatory to keep monitoring the balance of your garage door.  The door should open and close smoothly. There should not be any difficulty and you should not ideally have any hard time opening or closing the door. If you think there is a off balance in the door, it is time to seek a help for repairing the garage door.
garage door balance


If you have been lubricating the door and some of its parts, you will be in a better position to tell if there is any change in the functional operation of the door. The hinges, jambs, screws and springs need some amount of lubrication and this will keep the door in good condition for a long time.

Check cables

The high tension cables are an important part of the door. A monitoring to check for any tear or damage in the cable will need immediate expert intervention.
Check garage door cables

Maintain the door

Your door has seen many external conditions. It has seen severe wind, rain, flood, dust and so many raw conditions. It could be peeling its paint or could have warps, could have rust spots and might have even be chipped in several spots. Look out for these conditions and most importantly clean and wash the door whenever required. It is a major part of the house and projects how well you maintain your house.



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Aug 9, 2016

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4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers and hinges last long

Long lasting durable rollers and overhead door hinges are a part and parcel of all plano overhead garage doors. Overhead doors are only as good as their hinges and rollers, right?  The best quality doors with the best anti rust, anti-corrosive treatment will fall flat if not supported by high quality overhead door rollers and hinges. Whenever overhead doors are in operation they make noise, but the amount of noise produced is dependent on the quality of the door rollers and hinges used;

a prime quality overhead garage door Plano with high end parts will operate smoothly and quietly. Plano overhead garage door rollers and hinges are long lasting, efficient and support overhead garage doors perfectly. Let us analyse why the Plano overhead door rollers and hinges are more durable, long lasting and efficient than the rest…

Plano overhead garage Door rollers:

overhead garage door rollerGarage door rollers are the most used parts in the system of a overhead garage door. Every time the overhead door operates the rollers have to move smoothly and efficiently. That is the reason the lifespan of the door roller is crucial for the longevity of the garage door itself!

overhead Door rollers are typically of two kinds – Nylon and steel.

Nylon overhead rollers are quieter but tend to break easily and are quiet expensive. In comparison steel rollers are relatively cheaper, long lasting and more durable.

The next point is the number of ball bearings in each roller. The more the number of ball bearings the lesser the noise the overhead door makes while it is being operated. Ok, now that we know the basics, let us list out 4 reasons why Plano overhead door rollers are durable:

  • Plano overhead door rollers are made of the highest gauge of steel, and as we know steel is the most durable of all materials used in the garage door system! They are also less expensive.
  • They have 10 ball bearings making them quiet when in motion
  • The steel used is galvanized steel, hence the roller is protected from rust and corrosion and moisture
  • Plano overhead garage door rollers come with a lifetime warranty, which is only possible if high end material has been sued to make them!

overhead Door Hinges

overhead garage door hingesAnother important part of a overhead garage door without which the door wouldn’t be able to move at all is the door hinges!  The door hinges too have pretty much the same features as the overhead rollers in the kind of material been used.

Plano overhead doors uses heavy-duty 14-gauge hinges with “wide body” pattern for greater stability and longer life. The galvanised steel protects the hinges from corrosion, rust and moisture thus increasing the life of the hinges. Hinges are powder coated thus ensuring their long life.

Thus, we see that overhead garage door Plano uses commercial grade hardware and tracks and 10 ball bearing steel rollers to provide optimum durability to the overhead door rollers. At the same time it uses heavy duty hinges to support all kinds of garage doors and help in the smooth operation of the same at the most affordable prices.

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Jul 28, 2016

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Why Do You Need A Garage Door Repair

The garage door is probably one of the most operated devices in your house. So, you wouldn’t want it to get stuck when you have to rush to the office or you have to reach somewhere in time. However, this is the most common problem we face with a garage door. So, we need to keep our garage doors in proper condition and repair them as and when required.

Before we move to the different reasons of repairing a garage door, we need to understand the different types and parts of a garage door. Garage doors can be operated manually or by an electric motor. Smaller garage doors have a single panel, which can open upwards. But, bigger garage doors can have multiple panels with can roll up in several folds. As, garage doors have several fixed and moving parts, as well as remotes for operating it, it is also prone to different kinds of faults and problems, which needs rectification and repair.

Some of the common reasons, why your garage doors might need repair are discussed as below:

Tracks are misaligned: The garage door runs on tracks, which can get misaligned and thus needs repair. Gaps in the rollers and rails make them difficult to move. There are photo eyes on either side of garage doors, which can get damaged or broken, which prevents the door from moving.

garage door Tracks are misaligned

Remote not working: There can be a problem in the remote, which operates the garage door rather than the door itself. It may be out of batteries or some damaged junction, which needs repair. So, you might want to get it checked before repairing the garage door.

garage door Remote not working

Garage door opens/closely randomly: This can cause the garage door to open or close, when not being operated. It can be due to accumulated dirt or a pile of papers, which might be obstructing the free movement over the tracks.

Automatic garage door is stuck: The automatic door might be stuck due to a problem with the transmitter or sensors, which are unable to establish a connection with the garage door. This is an important reason to go for a garage door repair.

Garage door parts not functional: The different parts of the garage door might be damaged, rusted, and broken, which makes it difficult to operate from outside. And, sometimes, it is also difficult to judge, which part might be broken. So, a garage door repair inspection will be able to find out all the probable defects and advise you on the best action.

Apart from this, garage door and its parts need to be lubrication and other maintenance to protect it from damages from snow, rains, etc. So, time to time maintenance packages are very important to keep the garage door in proper shape so that they function properly, mostly when you need to. Though, some repairs are DIY, but the major ones need expert inspection and technical know-how. So, it is important to consult specialists for your garage door repair.



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Jul 13, 2016

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How to Repair Garage Door Springs

How to Repair Garage Door Springs

When a garage door has broken springs there is usually no way you can open or close the garage door. The springs are among the most important parts of the garage door.A garage door torsion spring uses high tension to counter balance the weight of the garage door. The coils of the spring need to be wound tight. What this means is if the coils are loose or broken it is time to repair or replace the springs.

garage door torsion spring replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement To DIY or not

This is one project that you need to have a serious think about whether to DIY or not as these springs are under a lot of tension and one could easily slip and cause serious injury. Figuring out the type and size of replacement garage door springs to buy could also be troublesome. If your garage door is old or broken, it is recommended to have an experienced technician to replace garage door torsion spring have a look at the springs.

Types of garage door springs

There are two types of springs, used on garage doors.

  • Torsion springs – These are attached on the top end of the garage door.

garage door Extension springs

  • Extension springs – These are located above the upper tracks on both sides of the door.

garage door torsion spring

Spring Repair

Some basic Steps – Do’s and don’ts

  • First unplug the garage door opener.
  • Then disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the operator emergency release. This frees the door from the opener so there is no chance of the door accidently being opened.
  • When you go to buy new springs you need to know the exact size(both the width and the length) of the door.
  • It also helps to make a note of the construction of the door.
  • Next measure the broken door spring making sure you know what the inside diameter of the spring also is.
  • The wire size of the spring also needs to be measured.

While measuring the spring that is not broken there is something you need to be very aware of.

Springs when wound are under heavy tension and can spin with just a touch so do approach it with caution.

Unwinding and Removing the springs

  • Hold the torsion winding bars and loosen the bolts.
  • Once really loose slowly unwind the spring. They are wound about thirty times.
  • Now loosen and then remove both the drums with the help of pliers.
  • Then grab the torsion tube firmly and remove.
  • Pull out all the old parts including the drum and the spring.

Installing new Garage Door springs

  • Both the springs are exactly similar except for the fact that the red goes on the left and the black goes on the right side.
  • While putting the drums back on remember that the drums are marked exactly like the springs.
  • Black on the black end and red on the red end.
  • Next bolt the springs back together and then tighten up.
  • Take the cable making sure it is inserted properly in the drum and then tighten the cable up.
  • Now create tension on the cable with the help of vice grips and then tighten the springs.
  • Finally make sure the door is balanced. Plug the opener back in and your garage doors should now be ready to use.


Most mechanically inclined people should be able to handle replacing garage door springs by themselves if instructions are followed properly and adequate safety measures are taken. However, in case of any doubt about your DIY skills, do call an experienced, skilled technician.

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Jul 7, 2016

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How to fix a bad Garage Door Repair 

How to fix a bad Garage Door Repair 

A garage is one of the places where we keep valuable items, our car being the main occupant of it. It makes us very tensed when we get to know that the garage door is damaged. It’s very unsafe because this will attract thieves. This being an extension of home also needs full security. After repairing a garage door, we need to have a complete satisfaction regarding the safety.  But there are circumstances where a garage door repair never ends. It keeps growing more when it’s not rightly fixed. Lack of knowledge of the tools or products used to fix a repair is the culprit for such situations. It’s always better to do a garage door repair when the complete working mechanism of both the garage door components and tools are understood.

Below are the common mistakes made during a garage door repair and how we can fix them.

  • Don’t neglect the repair: The damage might look very small but when neglected it might get worse and take more time and money to fix it.
  • Never use the garage door when it’s under repair: This might cause damage to you or your car. Never use the door until it’s completely fixed and tested.garage door under repair
  • Usage of right tools: When an incorrect tool is used to fix a repair, it can cause more problems. For example using a nail instead of screws while installing a garage door can force open the nail while opening the garage door.
  • Never replace garage door or repair alone: When you don’t have the right knowledge about the job, it’s better to call for help. For example fixing a torsion spring or replacing will require experience. A damaged spring is dangerous to deal with.replace torsion spring
  • Paints: The wrong paint selection will make the garage door look bad and sometimes also erode the material used for the garage door. Always paints are selected depending on the garage door material. The door needs to be regularly washed and painted.
  • Lubricate the joints: The door might get stuck due to various reasons. It might be a simple fix like just lubricating the hinges, torsion spring and other joints. But correct lubricating oil or grease needs to purchased and should not be used in excess since that again leads to damage.
  • Never do temporary or cheap garage door fix: Many do a cheap fix just to be convenient immediately. But what they don’t realize is that every cheap fix will later zoom into a costly expense. All cheap fixes are temporary in nature. It cannot be trusted. Like for example if the garage door doesn’t open completely, doing a cheap fix can cause the door to fall back down anytime. Imagine the expenditure if the door falls down while taking your car out.
  • Invest in the best tools: Cheap tools will again increase your expense in the long term.
    garage door repair tools
  • Wrong door repair: After a wrong fix, the door might open or close with a jerk. In that case the spring and the connecting cable have to be checked first and fixed correctly. Each specific repair has a specific fix for it. Doing the correct fix will avoid lot of inconvenience.


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How to do a Garage Door Repair

How to do a Garage Door Repair

Your car is the main occupant in the garage. A well-maintained garage is directly proportional to how much you love your car. Some do keep kid’s outdoor games, tools and few other items of their own choice. Few homes have an entrance to the house from a garage too. So for security purposes garage door malfunction needs immediate fix. Garage has the heaviest door in your home and needs constant maintenance activities.

garage door

A repair in a garage door would hinder your routine. You might not be able to open the door to get your car out. The main parts of a garage door are the door section made of wood or steel, and the components used for the opening mechanism. So any problems faced, we have to check just these two parts.

Few of the common garage door repairs are as below:

  • swing up garage doorGarage Door out of alignment: Doors can be of two types either it swing up as one piece or it rolls up in section. In both the cases the door glides on the tracks fixed on the garage wall. The spring connected to the door and this track ensures proper opening and closing mechanism. Any misalignment at any connecting part causes a door to get stuck. So the door can be aligned back correctly or parts can be replaced if required.
  • Garage Door squeaks: The door needs lubricants to be sprayed on. There are specific lubricants depending on your door material to completely avoid the squeaky noise.
  • Spring repair: The spring controls the open and close functionality. In swing up and roll up garage doors the springs are placed at different positions. So we need to understand the logic behind its function.
  • Problem with door hinges or rollers: The screws in door hinges might get loosened or damaged in a course of time. This can be easily fixed or replaced. The rollers might get dirt accumulated. This should be serviced biannually at least or whenever required. These parts are not expensive and can be easily fixed. It does not require an experienced handyman too.
  • Garage Door Maintenance: Sometimes door would look perfectly fine but it might get stuck. In such case it’s a tough job to decipher what went wrong. The required action would be simple like greasing of tracks or spring or hinges. Every part in the garage door needs to be regularly cleaned and the joints greased or oiled for a perfect motion.
  • Weather damage: Due to cold or hot weather the joints in the garage door might get corrupted hindering its functions. So weather stripping is done at the top, bottom and sides of the garage door.
  • Automatic open/close malfunction: If a remote controlled garage door does not work as per the controls, the problem might be a simple fix. The first check should be at the remote. May be just a battery change would fix the problem. Next check would be to ensure if the remote signal receivers are aligned correctly.

We can try to fix any problem faced in the garage door by ourselves first, instead of calling a handyman. This would save us from a huge expense.

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Jun 1, 2016

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Why chamberlain garage doors ?

Why chamberlain garage doors ?

Garage door openers may sound luxurious, but for the days when we have to walk up to the garage doors to manually open the doors in the heavy snow fall or rain. When we install a basic garage door opener its job is to open and close the door when operated with the remote. The Chamberlain garage door openers have a quiet belt and are worth the money.

Chamberlain garage door openers Pros:

  • Good battery backup which lasts up to 3 days without connecting external power.
  • Quiet and smooth operation as it comes with a DC motor.
  • This DC motor slows down before it stops at open or close
  • The WiFi connectivity lets you to check and operate the door remotely using your smart phone. So don’t worry if you have forgotten to close the door, or if aren’t sure if you closed the door.
  • These are provided with up to 2-100 W light bulbs, which ensure the garage is well lit.
  • The compatibility with home link devices makes this special.

Open and close the door easily!

The large, heavy antique garage doors cannot be accommodated by most of the garage openers, the home owners used to manually lift and open the doors. But with the Chamberlain garage door opener it has become easier to handle even the heaviest garage doors.

Silent operation:

The quiet and reliable operation of Chamberlain, along with a lifetime warranty makes it the most sought after garage door opener. This system is also provided with ¾ horsepower motor to aid in opening heavy garage doors without any squeak or mechanical noise and with ease. There is a gear case which provides lubrication continuously for a smooth movement and longer life.

Installed in a minute

The Chamberlain garage door opener comes with 5 railing sections which can be assembled into one piece which is long. The manual is easy to follow and the step by step instructions lets you assemble and install the unit is just 60 seconds.

Protection from Theft and accidents

The added safety feature in Chamberlain garage door openers saves the users from closing the door accidentally. There is also an anti theft protection to save the users from break-ins. The auto-force sensor monitors the garage door constantly and adjusts forces as per the temperature fluctuation, height of the floor and also track door movements. This system is also provided with sensors which projects an invisible beam which reverses the door when the beam is interrupted. Giving the customer a peace of mind. The anti- burglary protection used by Chamberlain sends new code every time your remote control is used, this acts as an additional layer of protection. The unique feature of the PosiLock ensures that the door stays locked once the door is closed. To use during power failure a manual release handle is also provided

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What to consider during garage door installation

What to consider during garage door installation

Have you ever had a garage door falling apart? It happens if the door gets poorly installed. You need to hire Garage door installation services to prevent your garage door from falling apart. Here are the seven keys to a safe garage system suggested by Garage door Plano.

  1. Pinch resistance

Accidents happen in the garage, and the most frequent injury that happens is when a finger is smashed or sometimes amputated when caught in between sections as the door moved and prevented by installing doors that offer pinch resistant designs. These pitch resistant models are available at Plano garage door repair services at affordable prices.

  1. Containment garage door cables

If an extension spring fails and breaks, they become heavy whips that can injure people or damage cars. Manufacturers introduced a way to solve this whipping problem. They offer containment cables. Containment gets recommended if your garage door has extension springs and if you are not planning on replacing your garage door. You can also have garage door Plano installation services to install them for you.

  1. Get Garage Door Plano to securely mount rails and hardware

The brackets of the spring on your garage door should be fixed firmly to the wooden header which is above the gate and is for the torsion springs. Brackets supported by the roller track and opener ought to get securely bolted to the rafters. All this can be done perfectly by Plano Garage Door Installation.

  1. Obtain secure automatic door openers

It’s a requirement for the automatic openers to have photoelectric eyes and auto reversing mechanism on both sides of the garage door. The door will automatically change if it was closing if the beam between the eyes gets blocked. The door won’t operate if the eyes aren’t connected. These door openers should be installed to improve safety. Plano garage door installation services are available for proper installation of your door openers.

  1. Lightweight

The weight of the insulated double steel doors ranges from 150 to 200 lbs. Even the heaviest doors of this time fall into this category. The weight of wood or hardboard doors increases more than that. Weight, however, isn’t an issue when the springs tensioned correctly. Eventually, all springs weaken and break with time.

  1. Annual maintenance by Plano garage door services

Eco Alternative Dynamic plano Garage DoorAnnual check of all the bolts and nuts by Garage Door Plano on rollers and rails should be performed to ensure that they get tightened firmly. The rollers and springs should get lubricated. The door should also balance correctly and operate smoothly. To ensure the door is balanced, you need to disconnect the opener and lower the door halfway. If the gate doesn’t hold its position, replace the spring or adjust the spring if it’s not broken. All the cables require being checked to ensure that they are not worn out or even frayed. Depending on the garage door adopted, maintenance cost can be high. Before you install a garage door, you need to know the maintenance cost and that it should fit in your budget. Garage door Plano can perform your annual maintenance at affordable prices.

  1. The location of opener switch

You might find that children love to play with door openers. Plano Garage Door Installation suggest by mounting the opener’s switches at the height of above 5 feet from the ground can help to prevent this.

The homeowner can do some of these installations but always recommended that Garage Door Installation Plano should do it. This way it would minimize the chances of injury or poor installation. Installing on your own can be cheap and can save a lot of money if you know to fix entirely.


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Why Are Garage Door Plano Inspection Services So Popular?

Why Are Garage Door Plano Inspection Services So Popular?

The best way to ensure that we don’t ignore or miss out on any wear and tear is to ensure a continual inspection of our home over a period of time. It is the most efficient method to find out any gaps in procedures of how efficient a machine works.

Now as we do inspect each and every area of our house for any damages or concerns, similarly, our garage door needs inspection too. It is important to be aware of any technical or physical problem in the garage door so that these can be fixed on time and keep the residence safe.

While this does sound simple, it needs expert inspection from time to time. Not all the faults and damage could be figured out through naked eyes. Some damages could be assessed just by looking at the garage door whereas some needs expert inspection. It is important to schedule these inspections timely to keep them in shape and in perfect working condition.

Garage door Plano Inspection types

Typically there are many parts of the garage door which needs inspection. The components might vary as follows:

When you leave the inspection to experts, every small problem including that of the weather seal could be perfectly monitored and fixed on time. There are some seasonal troubles which needs fixing from time to time which could also be suggested by experts and Plano Garage door. Some problems which when occur need some professional help like these:

  • Damage in the garage door springs or shabby and torn cables
  • The racks and rollers in damaging condition
  • Tracks which are lopsided or broken.
  • Accumulation of rust on parts of the door

plano garage door repair While all parts are being inspected, we must not forget the door, which could also be damaged due to the frequent ups and downs. Hence it becomes the most important component for inspection. There are some issues which some experts like in Garage door Plano TX could spot and fix immediately.

Popularity of Garage door Plano Inspection services

Although there are issues which could be fixed with some effort, these inspection services are getting widely popular with every passing day. There is nothing that an expert at garage door Plano could not fix or have solution for. So when you fix up a schedule for inspection, all your garage door problems get fixed at a time. Other reasons people in Texas are looking for such inspection services are:

  • One inspection helps in finding out all the problems that needs to be fixed
  • Expert solutions for all the problems
  • Round the clock availability of services
  • Efficient and quality of service
  • The solutions are flexible depending on the budget
  • There are warranty on the products and services offered
  • The services are customized and could be varied according to a customers need
  • Safety is marked as the first priority

Apart from inspecting the garage, the experts at garage door Plano also analyze the requirement and offer suggestions which could be easily implemented.

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Top 5 benefits of Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services

Top 5 benefits of Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services

Having a garage door installed in our homes brings in an extra sense of security and an aesthetic look to the house. Whether we are installing a new garage door or repairing a broken one, it’s always advisable to call a professional garage door service company.

Garage door Plano Cable Repair Services is the best option.All garage door systems have a specialized tool called garage door cables, they connect the upper part of the door to the lower side of the Garage door cables. These cables are situated on the drum at the top garage door and run down to the bottom of the door. These cables are crucial as they hold the weight of the garage door and if they fail to operate the doors are inoperable as well.

garage door in planoThe garage door cables keep the torsion of the springs in perfect shape, without them the springs become vulnerable and may break down. Timely check and maintenance of the door cables saves us unnecessary expenditure in future.

Garage door Plano suggests that the garage door cables need to be kept in an excellent shape to ensure the door is safe.

We have to pay close attention to potential signs of warning with the garage door cables. This gives us an indication as to repair or replace the cable. The warnings include:

  • Worn out strands in cable or broken cable
  • Tension spring which is broken might outbalance the door
  • Even when the motor of the opener is working the door fails to open.

If you haven’t given these signs a thought previously, its crucial you do now. If the problem is sighted initially there would be minimal loss.

As per Garage door Plano here are a few benefits of maintaining the garage door cables:

Safety Enhanced: As per Statistics many injuries occur due to garage door every year. If the garage cables functions smoothly it counterbalances the heavy weight of the door.  The torsion provided by the cables help the spring to aid in preventing injuries. As mentioned earlier, cables are an important part of all garage doors. Due to effect of tension and counter-balance, forces of fatigue and stress will weaken the cable strings over time. If this is not attended, it may cause damage to the car and sometimes life. Garage door Plano cable services take care of these and more.

Lifespan of the door extended: The durability of the garage door depends on how well the cables are maintained. There could be multiple reasons for the malfunction of the garage door cables they could be:

  • Jammed doors because of obstacles placed near the garage door tracks, the garage door does not move leading to safety issues. Call Garage Door Plano for a quick service.
  • Rust – a major factor: When rust accumulates in the door springs and cables it would fail to work. Rust free maintenance would give a longer life.
  • Untimely maintenance: Due to the heavy weight of the garage door the cables need to create torsion to counterbalance, a timely maintenance is always advisable.
  • Wear and Tear: Continuous usage of the door leads to wear and tear of the cables leading to non-functioning.
  • Improper installation: Improper installation of the garage door cables may pose a risk as the garage door cables are under immense tension.


Why Garage Door Plano?

Highly qualified technicians from one of the finest trade schools,this ensures that the technicians know what they are doing and hence will not provide you with inappropriate solutions

  1. Technicians are hired only after they prove their skills in their fields, so as to ensure the quality of work is maintained and the customers are provided with absolute alternative solutions.
  2. Competitive pricing keeps Garage door Plano ahead of their counterparts: The lowest price guarantee ensures they outbid other offers plus give you the best quality solution.
  3. Their satisfied customer list is huge. Reviews across the area shows that every customer Garage Door Plano has touched have wonderful things to say about their excellent, affordable and quick service. The customers feel that the Technicians are highly knowledgeable and highly customer focused.

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